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Looking for a compassionate doctor in San Jose?

Healing Grove has a special team of compassionate doctors that are here for you!

A difficult situation

Yesterday a disheveled homeless guy came in, smelling of urine, staring into space, dragged in by his brother, whose wife and kids are very active members at Healing Grove.

“Hector” is a 59 year old male who started losing his mind about 7 years ago when he caught his wife with another man.  The painful family betrayal unfolded slowly.  Now he is living in his car and is nearly catatonic – psych ward level depression – and he is unable to remember simple things like the names of common fruits and vegetables.

The relationship

We talked about treatments.  He will need medicine for depression.  He will need a place to stay.  And most of all, he has to forgive his family because the resentments are holding him captive.  He won’t get better if he doesn’t let go of the resentments, and he won’t let go until he forgives.  He agreed to try all of it.

Amazingly, this man whose brain currently can’t recall that a round red fruit is called an “apple,” may recover to the point where he will be able to come into his right mind, clean up, support himself, rent a room, and participate in the larger community through the power of a brother’s love, radical forgiveness, and prozac. 

The Healing Grove Way

This is the Healing Grove way.  Relationships are at the center of everything we do.  Relationships with family, friends, the larger community, and God.  We work with pastors to help repair people’s relationship with God.  We invite the community to participate in healing.  We support friends and family who are reaching out to their loved ones.  We use spiritual truths and medical knowledge to make breakthrough healings possible.

The Healing Grove solution

At Healing Grove Health Center, we position ourselves outside of the broken medical system and keep our panel sizes low so that we can take excellent care of each of our patients.  We charge $200/month for concierge medicine services, cutting out the middle man (insurance companies and their interests) and allowing us the luxury of focusing entirely on you, the patient.  We answer the phone, we get to know you and your family, we understand your personality and your goals, and we can tailor your medical care to do what is right for you.  We have same day appointments and even weekend and holiday appointments when needed, to keep our patients out of urgent cares, ERs, and hospitals as much as possible.  We also have the flexibility to work within the system when needed for specialty care.

And the best news! We have plenty of SAME DAY appointments available. You can get an appointment today with your Healing Grove doctor! Try us out! Schedule a free introductory doctor appointment today!

Questions?  Call or text us at 408.459.4443.

The Healing Grove Advantage

Annual Health Care Exam

Every year, you receive an extended visit with your personal Healing Grove doctor. We help you strive toward holistic wellness through our intensive health and spiritual care.

Your personal doctor guides you through a comprehensive health and soul care assessment, helping you develop a plan to become the very best version of yourself!

Spiritual Care

We understand you’re more than a machine. You are a complex mix of body, soul, mind, machine, and heart.

Our physicians come from the Christian faith tradition. We provide equal doses of medications and prayer, physical treatments and spiritual care. Whatever your faith tradition, you’ll be welcomed and comfortable here.

Connected To Your Doctor, 24/7

We care about you during business hours AND after business hours. Every patient receives the personal cellphone number of their doctor. Whether emergencies, check-ins, or urgent care, we’re there for you!

Get in contact directly with a doctor who personally knows and cares for you. Your personal doctor is just a click away.

Zero Wait Time For Your Doctor

At other clinics, you wait in a waiting room, waste time filling out forms, and then wait some more for the doctor in the clinical rooms. At Healing Grove, you don’t wait for the doctor. The doctor is waiting for you!

Personal Relationship With Your Doctor

At Healing Grove, we build a personal relationship with you. We want to know what makes you tick, what you care about, and what you’re struggling with. We want to know about you and your family.

Connected To The US Healthcare System

When you need more than primary care, we guide you through the system. The US healthcare system is incredibly difficult to navigate, but our doctors have decades of combined experience in helping patients find the care they need. We use our relationships and personal networks to get you the very best healthcare available. Our doctors have the time to advocate for you – providing referrals, making phone calls, and even checking in to make sure you’re receiving the proper care.

Healing Grove Health CenterHGHC Annual Membership

$ 200

Per Month
  •  Patients see a doctor
  •  Zero wait for doctor
  • Coordination of specialist care
  • 30-minute to 1-hour appointments
  • Gatherings that offer community
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Holistic medical care
  • Cross-cultural and socio-economic relationship opportunities
  • Supports uninsured low-income patients
  • Spiritual care team

Your Concierge Membership

A concierge medical care plan just for you – all that you need, and nothing you don’t. Healing Grove Health Center accepts HSA, HRA, and FSA.

This covers unlimited primary care, convenient physician access, health system navigation and advocacy, and invitations to our health, soul, and culture care programs. Plus, it gives TWO low-income members access to top-quality primary care!

This also makes a great gift for a loved one with significant health needs. We have a lot of experience working with uninsured people, so we know all of the secret cash-price deals in our area. This plan can be great for people with high-deductible health plans who avoid their doctors because of unreasonable co-pays and hidden fees. We find the most affordable meds, radiology, and lab tests in the South Bay, which are often less expensive than health plan co-pays.

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