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Madre-A-Madre wins the Andre Ellison Equity Fund Award

Healing Grove’s Madre-A-Madre program was recently awarded the Andre Ellison Equity Fund Award by Destination:Home SV for Madre-A-Madre’s innovative Luke 14 homeless outreach program. Every Tuesday and Saturday, the Madre-A-Madre team heads out to a local homeless camp. They bring tables, chairs and a home made meal made by Spanish speaking families from the community, setting up a banquet in the camp.

With this award, Madre-A-Madre has expanded into case management for unhoused people. The leaders have been trained and now have access to HMIS — the Santa Clara County Homeless Information System. We’ve built trust with unhoused individuals over the years by sharing a weekly meal. And now we can leverage that trust to help transform lives and partner to move people from the streets into stable housing. Through this innovative program, we’ve already been able to help a number of homeless individuals move into housing and rehab!

Many thanks to Destination:Home for their generous support of Madre-A-Madre and the work they’ve done to house thousands of people in Santa Clara County!

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