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Misdiagnosed, in heart failure, dying.

Two weeks ago, Santiago walked into Healing Grove at 8:30am, unable to breathe. A few days prior, he’d been misdiagnosed in the ER with pneumonia, and was now getting worse fast.

Upon examination, it was clear that Santiago was in heart failure, with peripheral edema and swelling throughout his body. His lungs were full of fluid, making it extremely difficult to breathe. He was dying. Santiago was uninsured; a cardiology specialty workup was too expensive on top of an already large ER bill he will owe for the misdiagnosis.  The Healing Grove team jumped into action! Dr. Angie used our special negotiated pricing with a local lab to get a stat blood test. She immediately started him on meds for acute heart failure.

Santiago has had a hard life. Prior to immigrating to the US he was shot by Narcos in Mexico resulting in the loss of one of his kidneys. Last Sunday, there was a murder in his apartment complex; one of his neighbors was stabbed to death. He struggled with poverty his entire life. In the midst of a difficult, violent, and painful life, we’re able to come alongside Santiago to seek true healing through health care, soul care, and culture care!

Santiago came into Healing Grove yesterday with a big smile on his face to tell our donors and members: “Thank You”!

He looks great, his swelling is down, and he is breathing normally! We’ll work with him to help reduce the ER bill and make sure that he continues to improve. And best of all, Santiago can now continue to support his wife, daughter, and grandchild.

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