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Health Care

Healing Grove physicians practice evidence based Western medicine. Our 30-60 min appointment slots and small patient panel size (less than 900) give physicians the time needed to complete a full differential diagnosis. Healing Grove is funded through monthly concierge payments, not fee for service payments. Our physicians aren’t billers. We don’t track RVUs (they don’t even apply at Healing Grove). We pay physicians on salary, not production. As a physician, you were trained to heal, not bill. Stop thinking about ICD-10 codes, billing nightmares and endless pre-auths. Start thinking about True Healing! Join Healing Grove!

Soul Care

Medical science is starting to awaken to the fact that people are not machines. Diseases behave differently in different people, and there is more to healing than finding the right pill. At Healing Grove, our doctors use their spiritual gifts to see underlying aspects of some disease processes. We also invite interested patients to augment their health through prayer, Spirit-led healing, community, scripture studies, mentorship, trauma-specific therapy, and pastoral care. We believe in the power of God to bring wholeness and fullness of life.

Culture Care

We embrace the context of culture, which affects everything in us from the food and music we prefer to our parenting style and response to pain. All cultures come with positive and negative attributes. Many of our patients exist in multiple cultures simultaneously, often as immigrants or in multicultural households. At Healing Grove, we celebrate culture and foster honest conversations about what is life-giving and what is hard about your cultural experience. We believe that if we can all grow in good cultural health, we will ALL be enriched.

Healing Grove Physicians

You were trained for True Healing. Set aside the bureaucracy and join a team of true healers!

Practicing medicine at Healing Grove means bringing your whole soul — the art, science and faith of medicine. You’ll get to be a doctor who both prays and prescribes!

Healing Grove Physicians

  • Primary Care the way it was meant to be
  • Relationship-based, Place-based
  • Concierge medicine for the rich and the poor
  • 30-60 minute appointment slots
  • 12 patients/day
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Adverse Childhood Experience Healing
  • Become a domestic missionary

Pastor Francis Chan and the Healing Grove Story

I support this ministry that I completely believe in after I found out the number of people that get exposed to the gospel here and the number of people that have fallen in love with Jesus … how everyone is prayed for that comes into this place and they're exposed to Christ.

Pastor Francis Chan
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ZDoggMD on Healing Grove

“What they’ve done is nothing short of remarkable. They’ve actually combined a direct primary care model, which is one vision of Health 3.0 that I’ve been talking about for years, with a care model for our poorest, most vulnerable, uninsured patients. And they did it, they started it during a pandemic.”

Download the position description

True Healing

The beauty of being a Healing Grove physician is that your patients ACTUALLY GET BETTER!